Los datos de cualquiera de tus propiedades generalmente se almacenan en bases de datos centralizadas que están abiertas a todo tipo de manipulación "centralizada".

Con EmerDPO, no.

Un libro descentralizado de certificados de propiedad puede usarse en todos los sectores en los que no se puede fiar la gestión de los datos de propiedad a una única autoridad.

Desde datos de títulos de terrenos, hasta licencias de software y registros de vehículos, EmerDPO garantiza que todo lo que sea de tu propiedad, lo siga siendo.

EmerDPO es una solución descentralizada para validar digitalmente la propiedad o la autenticidad de bienes y servicios tanto físicos como digitales, mediante el uso de la cadena de bloques de Emercoin. EmerDPO opera con la abreviatura de servicio "dpo" en el NVS de Emercoin.

Antes de la existencia de las cadenas de bloques, la validación de propiedades era una tarea tediosa en muchas áreas: licencias y suscripciones de software, títulos de terrenos, propiedad de obras de arte y joyas, y registros de vehículos, entre otros. La autenticación de la propiedad mediante registros escritos no solo es tediosa, sino que además posibilita los fraudes, las falsificaciones, e incluso los robos.

Con la cadena de bloques de Emercoin, la propiedad de bienes físicos y digitales ahora puede asignarse a sus dueños respectivos, sin la posibilidad de ser modificada.

Para obtener más información sobre la verificación de la autenticidad y la propiedad de bienes con emcDPO, visita emcdpo.info.

EmerDPO is the best solution:
for companies whose goods and services are counterfeited
for organizations that want to receive information about their ultimate customers and to establish contact with them
for brands that want to be attentive to every customer
for manufacturers who want to create forgery-resistant digital passports (with records of sales and resale, maintenance, repairs)

Cases based on EmerDPO

Aerospace industry

Unlike other industries, counterfeiting in aerospace industry may have life or death consequences. Counterfeited parts may cause serious problems and lead to crash-landing or even to a plane crash. The risks are huge and even though members of aerospace association try to combat the problem, they can’t identify the time and place where counterfeit parts enter aerospace supply chain.


Emercoin anti-fake solution offers a new, elegant and secure way for the aerospace industry to deter counterfeiting and to improve maintenance capabilities. Cooperation wideness and geography makes blockchain solution for building trust between cooperators the most suitable to move further.

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Education Services

Every year people buy roughly 200 000 degrees around the world, 30% of job candidates lie about their education and companies selling fake diplomas earn $51 millions a year. It is an urgent problem for all industries and countries.


Emercoin blockchain and EmerDPO Antifake could address a global challenge among educators, businesses and graduates to certify the online accuracy and authenticity of education credentials. Students, graduates, recruiters, employers, and employees – all would benefit from a system that can quickly verify the credibility of online educational certificates and diplomas.

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Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals

Agricultural Chemicals market is largely affected by counterfeiting. Thus, as per a study conducted by Europol, about 15% of Agrochemical products sold in the world would be counterfeit.

The world faces the task to produce more with less cultivable lands. The quality of chemicals and seeds in agriculture are very important. And usually, they are a subject for counterfeit, especially when we talk about global brands. The cost of losses in case of a nonqualitative product or counterfeit has been used can be tremendous and imposes a risk of food contamination due to the usage of untested chemical substances.


Emercoin Blockchain-based solution can help to establish a bridge full of trust between chemical/seeds producer and farmer. EmerDPO Antifake program can store the full range of data, from information about supply chain to information regarding manufactured fertilizers and agricultural chemicals.

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According to Interpol, more than 200,000 people die worldwide annually from counterfeit anti-allergy drugs alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that approximately ten percent of the world’s pharmaceutical products could be counterfeit with much higher rates in developing countries. In 2017, the Pharma market was valued at 1.04 trillion dollars and the counterfeit industry at $100bn.


Emercoin antifake solution is essential for pharmaceutical industry. It can be used to keep records about produced medicine in blockchain. Customers would be able to identify the authenticity of medicine and to detect counterfeit products as it is impossible to create unique ID without an encrypted private key.

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