Emercoin digest — May 2019

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Hey everyone, here’s what we’ve been up to last month:

The Emercoin Core

Emercoin Core wallet v. 0.7.6 released with some minor changes:

Changes to the GUI:

  • Minor changes to the Minting tab: Update after each incoming transaction
  • You can now exchange EMC for other cryptocurrencies via CoinSwitch and EasyRabbit, external anonymous exchanges.

Changes to the JSON RPC:

  • Sign raw name transactions with the standard signrawtransactioncommand. Now compatible with atomic swaps at EmerAPI KeyKeeper, which you can also sign.
  • Set the zero interval to unblock the wallet for an unlimited time with the walletpassphrase command.

1) emercoin-qt: some fixes to minting table, so that it updates when receiving new transactions.

2) emercoin-qt: added CoinSwitch and EasyRabbit exchanges.

3) rpc: names can be signed with signrawtransaction.

4) rpc: walletpassphrase can now have unlimited timer by setting timeout to 0.


EmerAPI KeyKeeper v. released:

  • Lots of fixes and improvements
  • DNS configurator for Windows desktops, which sets up DNS’s to work with OpenNIC
  • Chinese (except in master accounts) and French now supported

Website: We added some new EmerAPI features


Antifake (emcdpo.info): We launched the project in pilot mode and added Chinese support.

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